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Name:Robert C. King
Website:Robert King's Home Page
Originally from a farm near Winchester Indiana (eastern central Indiana), I went to Purdue University and studied EE and computer operating systems.
While there I joined the "S.S. Voyager" SF club and dove headfirst into SF fandom.
After getting my MSEE, I moved to Chicagoland to work at Bell Labs.

In the local SF community I met my wife Candis and we've since had two sons, Alex and David

My wife and I have been very active in fandom. We are founders of a science fiction convention called Duckon where I promoted a tech track and started a track on "furry" fandom. There, I created a "Furry Variety Show" that became a template copied by many other conventions. The furry track eventually grew too large for the convention, so I teamed up with a local network of fur fans and split the track off to create a convention called Midwest FurFest.

During all this I also created the Fursuit mailing list as a way to share information on making "furry" animal costumes.
From this, the fandom adopted the word "fursuit" to refer to these costumes.
Personally I've made costumes of "Samantha Kemple" and "Kevin Dewclaw" and contributed to several other costume efforts.

I've been an active SF fan since 1981 and an active furry fan since 1986.

Lately, I spend more time with the family, but I'm still around.

I'm on FA as rcking
I'm on youtube and veoh as rcking60137
I'm on Second Life as Sangria Ninetails

Interests (148):

80s, 80s music, ai, ambient, animal anthropomorphism, animal costumes, animation, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphics, antique radios, art, artificial intelligence, astronomy, babylon 5, biochemistry, centaurs, chemistry, chicagoland, cognitive science, comedy, computer animation, computers, conventions, cosplay, costume construction, costumes, costuming, cyberpunk, deer, dilbert, dr demento, dr. who, duckon, eggnog, el goonish shive, electric light orchestra, electronics, elo, erotica, fandom, fantasy, fauns, female fursuit, femmesuits, femsuit, foxes, freefall, fruitcake, furries, furry, furry art, furry cons, furry conventions, furry fandom, fursuit, fursuit construction, fursuiter, fursuiters, fursuiting, fursuits, futurama, futurism, general technics, genetics, ghaaunthonians, ghost in the shell, ghostbusters, giordanos, halloween, harry potter, history channel, humor, individuality, invader zim, kangaroos, kevin & kell, latex, linux, llamas, lord of the rings, lotr, mammals, masks, masquerades, mathematics, mff, microbiology, midwest fur fest, midwest furfest, mixed drinks, mlp fim, monty python, mountain dew, mp3s, muppets, music, nanotechnology, national public radio, nikola tesla, npr, philosophy, physics, purdue, quantum mechanics, rabbits, raccoons, rainbows, satyrs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scifi, second life, sex, sexuality, sf, skunks, slashdot, space, space elevators, space exploration, space travel, special effects, speculative fiction, star trek, sushi, techno, technology, tesla coils, the 80s, they might be giants, thunderstorms, tolerance, tornados, transhumanism, trs 80, trs80, ushio and tora, vanilla, vinge, vixens, vulpines, weird al, weird al yankovic, werewolves, women, zaftig, zima
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