Jun. 10th, 2016

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Several changes in the last few months. In February I stepped down as President of Midwest Furry Fandom. I am still on the board, but I just don't have the time to perform the duties of President, so Perro stepped up to take the position. This is the first time since the 90's that I do not have a lead position in MFF or its predecessor, the Duckon furry track. It feels strange and a bit sad, but it does not make sense to cling to a title if you cannot do the work. MFF has been guided by good people other than me for many years now anyway.

My wife and I went to Las Vegas in March. That was an interesting getaway. My first time there. We visited Hoover dam and went to several shows.

In April I did sneak away to Whinney City Pony Con. My first pony con. Very interesting and the vibe reminded me a bit of furry cons of long ago.

The load of caring for my father has plateaued, but it has to be calculated into everything. Work continues on processing the contents of the two farms into a state that will be ready for an auction, maybe in late summer.

I am planning to attend Anthrocon this summer.

Also, Anne Bramble has kindly included me in her latest costuming project, so I have a few creative outlets to help keep me sane.

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