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On September 15 we will be holding an auction on my parents farm in Eastern Indiana. We have been processing through the household posessions and farm equipment over the last several months in preparation. It really is over two households worth of stuff. Plus the farm equipment: 3 tractors, a planter, a half dozen cultivators, and a strange mix of homemade implements that my father made over the years. Plus my father's shop - drill presses, a band saw, two welders, a large air compressor, and uncountable tools and parts.

Shortly after his 89'th birthday in late July my father began to loose the ability to stand and help with moving himself. My wife is unable to lift him bodily from the bed into the wheelchair and from there onto the toilet. So we made arrangements and moved him from our house to a family run care facility back near his home town. It was a sad thing to do, but after two years of caring for him here, we are exhausted and we cannot safely continue as we have been.

For the next 4 weekends I will be driving down to the family farm to do final sorting and preparation for the auction. It's a 5 hour drive and we're getting really sick of it. At least after the auction is over we should finally be able to get some rest.
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