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Wow, It's been about 6 months since my last update.  I've been swamped.
MFF was extra challenging this year with the chlorine incident.  Convention running has become distinctly not fun lately.
Most of my fun/creative furry activities are at a minimum.  I did make it to Texas Furry Fiesta (thanks to a benefactor) and I had a good time there.  I do plan to go to Anthrocon and, of course, MFF.

My high school band had a reunion and it was quite fun.  Lots of good memories.

We have settled into a routine taking care of my father - he is out of immediate danger, but caring for him is not unlike childcare.  We need to have someone with him at all times.  He has some dementia, but on good days he is almost like his old self.
Down on my father's farm, we've been working on getting it all ready for an auction.  Dad sold off most of his farm equipment years ago, but we still have three tractors that need to find new owners and some shop tools.
(yes [livejournal.com profile] cal_foxx, I know you want the old Minnie Mo  :)

Work has been tough - staff has been reduced so much the workload is huge.  My company is being bought out by another company and it appears they just want us for our customer base, so in the next year I may be out of a job.  I've worked there for over 28 years, so this could be a big shift.

If you're wondering where I am most socially active on the net, I'd say on Facebook as Samantha Kemple.  But even there I'm not posting very much.  Too much real life is getting in the way.
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